Inna di Video Light is a multidisciplinary artwork that wildly investigate the raw creative art Dancehall, executed as a video installation. Its a ongoing collaboration between the visual artists Anna Rokka and Rut Karin Zettergren. Inna di Video Light guides you through the noisy world of dancehall by Internet_Dollz; our cyborg alter egos that broke out of Internet and decided to entered into the IRL vivid Jamaica. The work is a product of today's self-broadcasting culture; we investigate these phenomena by stepping into the limelight, becoming a part of this game ourselves.The final video installation will become a vibrant, rhythmi and intense experience set inside a dark atmospheric environment with shiny cd discs covering the floors. We want the viewer to be enclosed in a world filled with music, dancing and drama, getting caught by it, transformed, leave everyday life and enter a parallel world order.